Rehab your body in 6 weeks

Rehab your body in 6 weeks 

...with the most comprehensive and easy to use program of bite-sized, follow along, mama-friendly workouts to help you heal your diastasis and much more!


(from the creator of the postpartum protocol)

Welcome to the
Mama Method!

Prepare to start closing up your abs, heal your diastasis, stop leaking when you sneeze, recover from a prolapse surgery (or lessen your symptoms), relieve back pain, pelvic pain, penetration pain, and start living in a body that makes you feel like you’re in your twenties again!

And the best part? You can come back to this program each time you give birth — so you never have to wonder what your body needs in those first few months again. 

Let me guess, you’ve already tried:

First this

Skipping the rehab altogether & wondering why your pre-pregnancy workouts aren’t getting you the same results they used to

Then this

Watching YouTube tutorials and scouring Google for tips

and this

Trying to figure it out yourself without any assistance
(I’ve been in all of these scenarios)

“I’m a personal trainer and even I was rescued by your program”

"I feel so good. I sneezed like 100x yesterday without peeing. I have my period and this is the flattest my stomach has been postpartum. My husband even said today that my stomach is completely different. It's an amazing feeling to put on a skimpy bikini and not feel like I need/want to "suck in" -  that my body just feels strong and healed.
I'm a personal trainer. Exercising is my favorite thing in the world... and even I was rescued by your program.
I truly believe this is magic and it's changing my life!"

- jeni wrightson

student wins:


Learn a strategic, full body blend of Pilates and physical therapy techniques so that you can:


Finally close your diastasis ab separation


Significantly lesson your prolapse symptoms


Flatten your stubborn "mommy tummy" and lose inches off your waist


Lift and strengthen your "mom butt"


No longer experience painful sex

heck yes!


Say goodbye to sciatica and SPD pain


Reverse and strengthen your rounded nursing shoulders


Feel stronger and more integrated in your core than ever before!

If you experience any of the above symptoms, crunches, sit-ups, 100s, series of 5 etc won't help you just yet. Let me teach you the foundational system to easily and effectively heal from all of these things.

You’ll learn how to heal from diastasis and other common postpartum dysfunctions like leaking, bulging tummy, back and pelvic pain, prolapse, intercourse pain etc, so that you can feel like yourself again and discover your true postpartum strength!

You’ll even be able to jump on a trampoline again!

trust me.
You're in the right place.

(No, seriously, I’ve been exactly where you are)

I'm Emma and I’ve been there, felt frustrated by that

You might be surprised to know that at 2 years postpartum I still had a 5cm diastasis (ab separation about as severe as it gets). I no longer liked running because it felt like my vagina was falling out (hello prolapse), and I was sick and tired of people asking me when I was due.
Oof, that was a rough time in my life.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Despite already being “certified” as a pre & postnatal Pilates and yoga instructor, what I had learned simply wasn’t enough. So I spent countless hours taking further trainings from physical therapists, trial and erroring everything I learnt on both myself and my private clients to get a sense of what worked and what didn’t. 

I’ve since fallen madly in love with helping other women heal and rehab their bodies from all sorts of postpartum symptoms. It’s become a bit of an obsession, if I’m honest. And the best part? Ever since discovering this hack, I’ve literally never felt stronger. I feel stronger and more capable than I even did in my twenties back when I had time to spend all the time in the world working out.

ALL OF THIS TO SAY—I’ve been there. Struggling to put the pieces together. No clue where to start. Frustrated because even though I thought I knew what I was doing, my workouts didn’t feel good, and I couldn’t for the life of me get my diastasis to close.

I don’t want that for you.
And your pelvic floor doesn’t either.

And let me tell ya, I figured out the HACK!

Good news! There IS a better option...

That’s exactly why I created the Mama Method.
So that mamas just like you could have a better option when it comes to their postpartum workouts.

So that instead of feeling frustrated and in pain, you can learn how to bounce forward and to become the strongest version of your new self.

i'm ready!


The Mama Method

A 6-week program that teaches you exactly how to rehab your postpartum body - like a pro. 

No more piecing together random youtube videos and hoping they help you heal your body from all of your annoying postpartum symptoms. You’re getting access to the exact strategies I teach my private clients (without the massive investment).

Let's break it down

Here's what's inside:


phase One


In the first 2 weeks we'll work very specifically to develop proper breathing habits and to reconnect the diaphragm with the core, whilst also working the entire body.


phase Two


In weeks 3 & 4 we'll build in intensity and strength. We'll focus heavily on core control and engagement, whilst starting to work the whole body a bit harder.


phase Three


In weeks 5 & 6 we'll work on getting the body ready to get back to all those pre-pregnancy workouts you know and love. This phase is everyone's favorite!

Reconnect your pelvic floor to your diaphragm (it gets thrown off in the 3rd trimester)

Reactivate and strengthen your TA (corset abs)

Learn effective tight pelvic floor release techniques

Rehab your tight shoulders and upper back

Rehab your hips from sciatica, SPD pain and more

Introduce weights and resistance to strengthen your upper and lower body

Re-establish pelvic stability

Turn your glutes back on to eliminate knee pain

Learn how to keep the weight out of your traps for more effective armwork

Learn how to connect even more deeply with your core

Full body workouts using the balloon for deep deep core connection!

Train your abs in every direction, from every angle with a comprehensive collection of low pressure ab exercises

Strategically increase intensity in the entire body

Improve balance, posture, agility and endurance

The Mama Method Is For You If...

You're tired of fitness programs that make your low back and your core feel worse

You've tried to “adapt” your pre pregnancy fitness routines, but you aren’t seeing the results you used to

You know you want to celebrate and respect your body - helping it to heal and recover safely so you don’t have to pee your pants every time you laugh or run with the kids

You want guidance and expertise to help you finally heal your diastasis

You want to finally feel like the strongest, most capable version of yourself

You're ready to throw out everything you thought you knew about postpartum workouts

You're ready to fall back in love with the body you were blessed with 

let's freaking go!

You need high intensity, high endorphin, high sweat workouts

You are looking for immediate results

but It's probably *not* for you if...

You're not willing to unlearn, learn a new way, and then do the work

So if you’re ready for

An unconventional but easy-to-understand strategy that makes it:

🫶🏼 easy as heck
🫶🏼 quick and simple
🫶🏼 actually FUN repair your body from the toll that pregnancy took on you, this is for you.

(Think of this as like extremely cheap health insurance!)

Are You Ready To Take Back Control of Your Core And Your Body?

This 6-week online program will teach you everything you need to know about how to properly heal and reactivate your core no matter how long ago you gave birth so that you can say goodbye to these annoying symptoms.

This is a system of highly effective, low pressure pelvic floor conditioning and core healing that goes far beyond traditional kegels and ab exercises. You’ll learn how to:

Reconnect and reactivate your deep core muscles

Build a solid foundation in your core from which to build on

Do more low pressure, highly effective ab exercises instead of traditional high pressure ones for faster, longer-lasting results

By changing the way you train your core, you can literally change your life!

Picture yourself 6 weeks from now.
You could:


Have a significantly flatter stomach and stronger core


Lift your big kids without throwing your back out


Stop worrying about peeing your pants when you laugh or sneeze


Have your significant other asking why on earth you didn't do this sooner 😉

Enroll NOw

The RIGHT core exercises make all the difference.

If you've been told that doing "more 100s" or more crunch or sit-up type movements to fix these issues, I'm sorry to tell you, but you've been misinformed.

real results:

“I gained more with this program in 3 weeks than I did from 6 weeks of physical therapy ”

- Karen Bronson

"My life has seriously completely changed from doing your protocol"

- Julie Gaukel

"Best investment I’ve made for my health and wellness"

- Amanda Ortega

This program includes everything you need to restore your body.

The body will always look for the path of least resistance. That's why it's SO important to make sure that your movements are both ergonomic, and efficient. Otherwise your body will look for ways to compensate - to cheat - to make it "easier". Which causes imbalances, poor posture, and ultimately pain.

Let me show you how to strengthen your foundation. So that you can feel like you're in your twenties again!

Frequently Asked Questions


You can start the breathing exercises as soon as you're home from the hospital.
The rest of the program I recommend waiting until you have clearance from your doctor:

C-section mammas is usually around 6 weeks.

Uncomplicated vaginal birth mammas can sometimes be as soon as 2-3 weeks.

But as always, go by what your doctor recommends for you personally

I have a diastasis recti (ab separation). Is this program safe?

Absolutely! I had a severe 4-finger diastasis myself, so I created this program as a way to heal my own diastasis. I was so pleased with the results after having spent 2 years doing other people's postpartum programs with little results, that I knew I had to create my own program. These workouts are the exact exercises I used to heal my own diastasis.

Having trained many postpartum women in person over the last few years, I realized that whether or not they have a diastasis, the pelvic floor naturally loses strength and tone as we age, so we all need this program!

Will this fix my diastasis in 6 weeks?

It is not impossible, but it is very unlikely for a diastasis to resolve that quickly, which is why I offer lifetime access, so that you can keep cycling through this 6 week program as many times as you need to until it is sufficiently healed.

When you’re ready for more challenging workouts however, my Strong Mama Method is part 2 of the healing process. So when you feel like you’ve nailed all of these workouts, move onto the Strong Mama Method for a much more challenging type of healing.

(No matter how strong you are or how far postpartum you are already, I always recommend doing the New Mama Method first, as it teaches you all of my foundational techniques that will set you up for success. Don’t skip the foundation!)

I am 20 years postpartum. Will this program still be effective for me?

Yes! Just the same as it's never too late to train for stronger biceps, or more flexible hamstrings, it's never too late to start rewiring the core in this way!

I've already tried several postpartum fitness programs and haven't seen the results I was looking for. How is this program different?

This program is unique for many reasons. Most importantly, this program focuses on reconnecting and rebuilding the core from the inside out. What many postpartum programs miss is just how unbelievably important the pelvic floor is to the entire rest of the core. So we work on building a very firm foundation deep within the core from which to build on, so that the house doesn't fall down!

It’s also laid out in a way that is super easy to navigate and stay on track as each day tells you exactly what to do.

And then each workout is a full follow-along video. Whilst the workouts are mix and match so that you can fit them in where you can, each one is filmed in full.

How long are the workouts?

Each video is 10-30 minutes long and have been designed so that you can mix and match depending on how much time you have and what you feel your body needs on any given day.

How do I know which workout to do each day?

Your workouts are all laid out for you day by day, in 3 separate phases.
However, you are welcome to spend longer on a phase if you feel your body needs it. Some mammas just keep cycling through.

There is also a separate workout library which lists all of the workouts, for easy access to your favorites.

The goal is to equip you will the tools you need so that you can navigate all of your other beloved workouts safely and with total confidence in your own core strength.

How long do I get access for?

Access is unlimited and never expires.

So if you want to repeat a phase because you feel like your body needs it, you can.
If you want to go through it again after the birth of another child, you can.

Or if you simply want to add some of the routines into your daily life forever, you absolutely can. That's what I do!

Do I need any props or equipment for this program?

You will need the following items (or household substitutes):

- theraband (a 3-pack of different weights is even better)
- booty band (although you can always tie a theraband into a loop instead)
- set of hand weights (again, a variety of different weights is even better)
- Pilates or barre ball (or kids soccer ball)
- yoga block (or a thick novel!)
- therapy ball (or tennis ball)
- foam roller (any size)
- balloon
- facebook access (to join the private community)

(A link with all my recommendations will be provided in your welcome email. Or message me for the link if you want to check it out before purchasing this program)


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Here’s The Truth

If lack of time is the one thing holding you back from starting a postpartum workout program, it’s time to drop the excuses and JUST START! 

 I deliberately made these workouts short and bite sized because: 
1) one hour workouts are overrated
2) 10 minutes will always be better than 0 minutes 
3) You won’t ever regret having done a workout, but you really might regret having NOT done it.

Am I right, or am I right?

(and i say this with love)

you're right, i want in!